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Livestock Procurement 

The Dawn Meats Livestock Procurement Teams are the initial link in the chain of production. We operate locally, purchasing directly from our quality assured farms and are committed to procuring Farm Assured Beef and Lamb to customer requirements in retail, food service and ingredient sectors world-wide.

Production Operatives

Slaughtering and Boning operations require operatives who, following successful interview, medical and induction stages are given the training necessary to carry out the tasks for which they have been chosen with the highest degree of competence. Critical to production is the ability of the operative to deal with ever-changing legislative and customer driven requirements / specifications / standards to retain the efficiencies necessary in this dynamic and highly competitive business.

Production Management

Production Management within Dawn Meats involves managing the day to day operations within the department/factory whilst ensuring optimum efficiencies and achieving quality standards in all areas. A Production Manager must inspire and lead the production team while communicating with all relevant departments in order to achieve performance targets and customer service levels.When necessary a Production Manager should, with confidence, implement new ideas and production solutions in order to encourage continuous improvement. 


The objective of the sales function within Dawn Meats is to build long-term relationships with our existing customers, to identify and establish new markets and to maximise the return on each quantifiable stage of production across the various product ranges. The sales team is required to monitor market movements and trends closely, develop strategic promotions, provide dynamic product development and ensure exceptional customer service.   


The objective of the Technical function within Dawn Meats is to ensure that all aspects of food safety, quality and assurance are measurably maintained to the highest of standards. The Technical team achieves this by utilising due diligence controls including HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point), specifications, legislation and an integrated quality control system. The Technical team liaise with the production and sales teams to develop and continuously improve quality control systems. 

New Product Development (NPD)

Like all industries the food market is ever changing, and people's tastes and lifestyles are constantly evolving. NPD and Marketing Departments have to stay in touch with ever-changing trends, flavours and tastes. Most of the time we are identifying what the consumer wants. What are the new trends and lifestyle effects? We translate this information into products suitable for specific customers. Whether we are developing our own ideas or those of the customer, we source the finest raw materials from around the globe from companies with quality standards as high as our own. Working closely with our customers and suppliers, we test, trial and taste until we have a final product ready for launch onto the market.

Category Management and Marketing 

At Dawn Meats, our Category Management and Marketing team work closely with the NPD department and Account Management function to ensure that we provide our customers with exceptional support. We have a proven track record of successful category partnerships. Our Category Management and Marketing team keep up to date with market and consumer trends and provide our customers with category reviews on a timely basis, as well as helping to implement full category plans. 


The role of the engineering function within Dawn Meats requires a wide range of skills to cover all aspects of site activity. These activities can range from maintaining production and refrigeration equipment to allowing for the disposal of waste. A good understanding of health and safety issues, people management skills and energy efficiencies are important. The engineering team is required to tackle both machine breakdowns and carry out planned maintenance, which improves line efficiency, as well as improving the machine life span.


Dawn Meats offers a wealth of career opportunities for graduates in financial and associated disciplines. Hands-on training and experience can be obtained across diverse areas such as management accounting, financial accounting, budgets and forecasts, management and financial reporting, internal audit, project management, treasury, investment appraisal, business development and due diligence. Dawn Meats participates in the CIMA "Training Through Partnership" Programme. The aims of this programme are to bring part-qualified CIMA trainees and business graduates into the organisation, to provide them with the necessary experience to enable them to attain the CIMA professional qualification, whilst at the same time developing the financial controllers of the future. Each site has its own finance team led by the Financial Controller who is an integral part of the decision making management team. Whilst historical accounting and reporting are important tasks for every finance team, we like to build commercially-aware teams who can proactively drive improvements in the bottom line and maximise our return on assets.

Human Resources (HR) 

Our employees are key to our business and it is recognised that Dawn Meats future success is dependent upon the competence and commitment of our employees. The HR function is concerned with ensuring that the company has the right people to meet the business plan, through the recruitment, training and development of staff at all levels. The HR team will promote an awareness of the aims and objectives of the business and ensure that employees are fully trained to meet the current and future business needs and are given the opportunities for personal career development.

Information Technology (IT)

Working within any IT department, is always a challenge. And at Dawn Meats this is no exception, especially with the IT department having a clear focus to embrace and develop these new technologies for the benefit of all within the business, including our customers.

Dawn Meats has invested in IT at all levels and stages of the business process, from Procurement to Production, through to Sales and Invoicing etc. The role of the IT department has been to ensure that all the systems used within the business are successfully implemented, maintained and most importantly, developed. The IT department can then provide all Dawn Meats employees with the tools they need to complete their business objectives.

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