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Overseas University Visit

Tuesday, 11 August 2009 10:39

Stephane ChassagneuxStephane Chassagneux – Regional Sales Manager (France)

Stephane recently addressed students from the University for the Study of Gastronomy in Brescia, Italy
at the Haven Hotel in Dunmore East.

Stephane gave a talk on how Dawn Meats market their prime Irish beef based on the unique selling qualities of the product.

The Government support for the beef and sheep processing sector announced yesterday (24th May) includes support for three Dawn Meats facilities, Ballyhaunis, Co. Mayo, Charleville, Co. Cork and Grannagh, Waterford.

Dawn Meats is investing over €35m in these plants of which €13.7m comes for the Government aid package.

This strategic investment plan, including Government support is designed to add value to the beef and lamb industry, eliminate expensive overcapacity & provide long-term sustainable employment in this critical indigenous industry. The investment plan when completed will further enhance the company's ability to compete in the international marketplace at the appropriate scale.

Dawn Meats also received Government support for a new joint venture. This initiative is the first of its kind in the Irish meat industry.  The new company, Kilbeggan Abattoir Services Limited, (KASL), is set up to develop a new €25m beef slaughter facility at Kilbeggan, Co Westmeath, the beef heartland of Ireland.  

The total proposed investment by Dawn Meats of €47.5m represents the largest investment by any beef and lamb company in Ireland.

In a statement the company said that its investment demonstrates its long term commitment to the farming industry and sustainable employment.  The investment in Ballyhaunis has already been made in accordance with the grant scheme rules to create the most modern large scale processing facility in the country for beef and lamb.

The support by the Government and Enterprise Ireland for the largest investment by an Irish beef and lamb company endorses Dawn Meats vision of the required development of the Irish meat industry into the future. The elimination of over capacity and the development of world-class processing facilities which provide an efficient route to market for Irish farmers will result from this investment and will allow the company to continue to grow it's market share by competing with larger European processors", said the company.

Dawn Cross Hands were delighted to be awarded a Gold Medal at the recent Pork Product of the Year 2009 Awards ceremony.

Our delicious Slow Cooked Seasoned Pork Belly with Fresh Thyme won its Gold Medal status in the Pork Ready Meal category.

We take trimmed individual portions of pork belly, marinate them in olive oil, salt & cracked black pepper and add a sprig of fresh thyme, then slow cook the belly in its own cooking juices for several hours to give a succulent & melt in the mouth texture.

Our food service customers can then regenerate the meal in a few minutes & serve as they desire for their restaurant menus.

Natures Meadow wins Best Irish Meat Product

Thursday, 31 March 2005 10:00
Dawn Meats Group were delighted to be awarded "Best Irish Meat Product" this week at the 2005 IFEX 19 Food Awards in Dublin. Dawn won the award for their new premium Irish Beef retail brand Nature's Meadow.

Nature's Meadow, launched by Dawn Meats in March 2005, is a premium range of Irish beef-steak cuts packed in an innovative new packaging technology. The new packaging forms an exceptional airtight seal. This offers a prolonged fresh shelf life for maximum convenience and reduced wastage. It also enhances the flavour and freshness of the meat.

IFEX is the leading international food, drink and catering industry event in Ireland. The IFEX Awards recognise originality and excellence in the food industry. Mary Coughlan T.D., Minister for Agriculture & Food, presented the award to Richard Horsfall, EU Sales Manager, Nature's Meadow.
Richard Horsfall stated that the "premium range of Irish beef steak cuts, in conjunction with the innovative packaging technology, fully met the needs of today's changing consumer lifestyles. Nature's Meadow is easy to prepare and quick to cook."
Nature's Meadow will be exported throughout the EU from Dawn's production facility at Waterford, South East of Ireland.
Please contact Richard Horsfall at +353-51-309200 for further information on Nature's Meadow

Remittance detail straight to your computer

Wednesday, 01 March 2006 09:54

Farmers who supply Beef to any Dawn Abbatoir can now recieve their priced remittance on-line.  The detail may also be imported to your Herd Management Software !

If you wish to receive an electronic Remittance for animals supplied to any of our Abbatiors in Ireland please mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. stating your
1.) Name
2.) Address
3.) Herd Number
4.) e-mail Address
5.) Abbatoir(s) you supply.

Remittances will be mailed automatically to you each time you supply that site in future.

The format of this Remittance will allow you to import it into most Herd Management Software programs such as the Kingswood and AgriNet thus saving you the need to key in animal details in order to update your system.

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