NPD and Value-Added

New Product Development (NPD)

We have a highly experienced, multi-skilled and award-winning New Product Development team comprising of Development Chefs and Food Scientists/Technologists who are experienced at creating bespoke products tailored to meet and exceed customer needs. Our ongoing creative development is based on market intelligence for “First to Market” Innovation. Our team work together utilising their extensive culinary and meat expertise to develop innovative and exciting product ranges. We combine our industry-leading development facility with a structured and well defined critical path management system, to successfully deliver products from idea generation to product launch.  


Dawn Meats are leading producers of high quality meat products which are designed for easy and convenient use by consumers.  There is something to suit everyone's taste in the product ranges we offer. 

Our production capabilities span the full spectrum of added value meat products.....

Comminute Products 

  • Burgers
  • Meatballs 
  • Grillsteaks 
  • Grillsticks / Koftas

Ready to Cook 

  • Prepared Joints and Steaks 
  • Centrepiece Joints 
  • Summer BBQ Meats

Ready to Heat / Slow Cooked 

  • Slow Cooked Meat Dishes
  • Slow Cooked Meal Centres 
  • Slow Cooked Pork Ribs 
  • Snack Meats & Party Foods  

We are very aware of changing consumer trends. An ever increasing number of people are now seeking meals which require less preparation and minimum effort to cook in the home. Consequently, we offer a comprehensive range of ready prepared meat products, which can form the centre of appetising but convenient meals. Speed and ease is achieved without compromise to the traditional values associated with meat - that it is wholesome, nutritious, tasty & satisfying!

We have family favourites such as fresh and frozen burgers & grills, delicious meat dishes which cook in 30 minutes, seasoned meats especially tailored for the BBQ and ranges of fully cooked meats which can microwave in minutes.  

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