The Aberdeen Angus beef breed is world renowned for flavour, tenderness and succulence.  Our Black Angus brand is a matured, select range of Aberdeen Angus beef which derives its unique taste from a natural grass based diet. Our Black Angus products are carefully hand selected by our experienced butchers and butchered to the bespoke requirements of each of our customers.  All of our products are packaged in a range of retail or wholesale formats ensuring complete product quality and traceability for you and your customers. 

The Hereford breed is world-renowned for producing beef that has a unique tenderness, texture and flavour. Our Hereford cattle are naturally reared to graze freely on lush grassland Irish pastures. This stress free environment together with the natural marbling capacity of the breed ensures an outstanding beef product providing a superior quality eating experience. Our experienced butchers carefully hand select and supervise the process to ensure the individual requirements of each customer are met. 


Nature's Meadow is a premium range of vacuum packed and portion controlled Beef and Lamb primal cuts, specifically tailored to the requirements of the retail market.


Key features of this product range are an extensive grass based production system, specified breeds and specified maturation periods. 


Nature's Meadow steaks are packed in DARFRESH® vacuum skin packs in order to maximise the fresh shelf life, up to 21 days from the pack date.

The Premium Butcher is our online butcher shop which was set up in 2010.

All of our meats are expertly prepared in our factory shop in Kilmacthomas, Co.Waterford.

We offer the very best in Irish beef, pork and lamb and can deliver direct to your door, anywhere in Ireland.


Free Delivery on all orders aver €75 and we also offer next day delivery.

Charolais is one of the oldest beef breeds in the world and is exceptionally tender, full of flavour and naturally lean. Our Charolais Gold brand is a matured, select range of Charolais beef which is guaranteed to give an excellent high quality eating experience. 

Our experienced butchers carefully select the product and supervise the process to ensure the individual requirements of each customer are met. 

Dawn Chef is our standard range of vacuum packed and portion controlled Beef, Pork and Lamb products. The Dawn Chef product range includes minced, diced, carvery roasting joints and individually portioned steak cuts as well as fresh and frozen burgers. Dawn Chef products are packed in thermoformed vacuum packs or in DARFRESH® vacuum skin order to maximise the fresh shelf life, up to 21 days from pack date.

Caledonia Crown is the leading provider of quality Scotch Beef in the British Isles.  The finest beef cattle from prime Scottish herds, grass fed on Scotland's highlands provides the famous Scotch Beef from Caledonia Crown. Our Scotch Beef is world-renowned for its flavour and succulence, which is achieved through Traditional Herding, Traditional Butchery and Traditional Beef Maturation. 

Use the term 'Aberdeen Angus' and you instantly conjure up an image of quality. The natural, genetic characteristics of this iconic breed provide beef products of world renown and recognition. The emphasis on quality, wholesomeness and flavour make it a natural fit and ever-increasingly popular member of the Caledonia Crown family.


Our Ridings Reserve Premium English Beef is consistently produced to today's high standards. Each carcase is carefully selected by weight and grade, to your own personal requirements. We never compromise our quality. Every cut meets the same high standards, delivering tenderness, succulence and an unrivalled taste each and every time.  

Our organic range of Beef and Lamb is sourced directly from selected farms who are dedicated to producing a superior meat product with all the natural characteristics which are associated with organic farming. Produced in the Yorkshire Ridings, we continue to grow sales of this range as an important part of our overall product offering.

Highland Meats is an extensive range of vacuum packed Beef primals. Produced in Scotland, the range includes mincing and diced products as well as individual multi-vac joints and primals suitable for the retail and cash and carry sectors.