As part of our continuous efforts to maximise the returns from all of our resources, we process all of our category 3 animal by-products in a dedicated facility, Western Proteins, located in Ballyhaunis, Co. Mayo. From here we currently supply customers across the EU. 

The facility is a fully licensed site (approval No R918) and operates to the highest standards within the trade, adhering to all present EU regulations and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements. The site produces a range of products including Category 3 tallow (grade 6 & grade 2) and Category 3 meat and bone meal. The meat and bone meal can be used in fertiliser manufacture and as a protein source for pet food. Tallow is used in the oleo chemical industry where it has hundreds of alternative uses, e.g. as an energy supplement in animal feed. It can also be further processed to produce “Clean Green fuel” in the form of Biodiesel or used directly as a carbon neutral fuel. 

We also continue to reduce our Carbon Footprint by modifying our processes to gain greater efficiencies through the recovery of resources from Dawn Meats. 

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